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The 4 Best Will Lawyers in Hamilton [2024]

Hamilton is home to some of the best will lawyers in the province. If you are planning to make a will and need a lawyer to help you carry out your wishes, consider consulting one of these professionals. 

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Each of these lawyers has years of experience in wills law and can help you create a will that meets your specific needs.

1) Nolan, Ciarlo LLP

Nolan, Ciarlo LLP realize that a will is not something people usually think about when they are preparing for their own death, but it’s an important gift to give in order to ensure the cared-for individuals receive everything they deserve. 

A properly prepared and executed document can help loved ones live out these wishes or pass them on themselves if needed after your or your loved ones are gone. That’s why Nolan, Ciarlo LLP is here when you need them with advice tailored just right according to what matters most: You. 

With decades of experience, Franco Ciarlo and Heather McKinnon are experts in helping their clients responsibly plan for their futures while respecting the past. They are both well versed with civil litigation and estates law so that they can fight for all of their clients’ rights if this type dispute becomes necessary or desired by you later down the line.

When you work with them, their priority is your needs. That’s why they have measured success in terms of satisfied clients and not billable hours. And also that’s why from initial consultation to resolution they’re available as an accessibility service with accountability for results at all times!

Business Information:
Address:1 King St W #700, Hamilton, ON L8P 1A4, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ The Nolan Ciarlo LLP team were responsive, professional and treated my family and I as if we were part of their family. Their depth of experience and team of experts gave us the reassurance that we were getting the best advice and care. I can't recommend enough Nolan, Ciarlo LLP. Thank you for all of your help in helping to successfully resolve our legal matters. “

2) Harvey Katz Law Office

Harvey Katz Law Office offers dependable and effective legal services to the people of Hamilton.They understand that death and estate planning can be a difficult experience for clients. That’s why they will work with you to create an action plan specific to your needs so it meets all of the standards required by law, while also being fair towards those who depend on them most-your family members or loved ones. 

The lawyers at this law firm are here for you if you need to make sure that all of your bases are covered, including intellectual property rights and estate planning needs – just call them up. They can prepare powers of attorney, living wills and other testamentary instruments so that they’re prepared in case your health or life circumstances change unexpectedly–ensuring things will go smoothly when it matters most.

Their communication and response time are incredible, allowing you to feel comfortable in understanding next steps while keeping you updated on their progress throughout the process. They take great pride in working for the best clients of all time and don’t just want to make you a satisfied customer – they’re out here trying their hardest so that your experience with them exceeds expectations!

Business Information:
Address:14 Hess St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3M9, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I highly recommend Harvey Katz Law Team.They do a very professional service for their clients.Harvey Katz , Brendan Sullivan and Eli Jakubovic Are The Best of The Best!!! Thank You for doing a Great Job!! “

3) Vellani Law

Vellani Law is here to help you with all your legal needs. They offer services for wills, powers of attorney and trusts so that no one’s life will be thrown into chaos if something were to ever happen in their family! 

Carefully thought out wills are essential in Estate Plans, that’s why their expert lawyers have the knowledge needed for any situation – whether it be complicated or not. Vellani Law is here to help you minimize the estate tax and disputes among your beneficiaries. 

As experienced family law attorneys, they know how important this issue can be for people who are going through a difficult time in their life. The lawyers at this firm are professional yet transparent which is exactly what you want from someone who represents cases like yours. They have a quick turnaround time, and their employees will exceed your expectations by helping you immensely. 

Vellani Law wants you to be focused on what’s best for future generations rather than worrying about financial issues right now. So let them guide you with their experience so that none of these problems come up when it matters most – during passing away or managing assets posthumously!

Business Information:
Address:436 Aberdeen Ave, Hamilton, ON L8P 2S2, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I appreciate Inayat's counsel, often bringing up points and issues that are not obvious. I have dealt with a few lawyers that have inflated egos and Inayat is down to earth and very easy to talk to. “

4) Hometown Law

Hometown Law is an established legal service that offers wills to their clients. They have a team of experienced professionals who are well versed in wills, power-of attorney and estates. The lawyers at Hometown have drafted thousands of wills in the past and are qualified for any will writing task you may need done! 

Whether you’re looking to give your loved ones the best possible start in life or make sure that everything is set up for success after death, their team of experts has got it covered. They have experience in setting up trust clauses such as Henson Trusts, which can be used to protect your beneficiary’s inheritance. 

They also have a flat fee for their legal services, so you know exactly what your budget will be – there are no hidden costs or surprises.  Their lawyers are experts in their fields who patiently listen and take careful notes before providing solutions that work for your needs – all while maintaining a calm nature!

Business Information:
Address:841 Upper Wentworth St Unit 6, Hamilton, ON L9A 4W5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Tyler and the whole team at Hometown law were fantastic to work with from start to finish. It is not often that a lawyer takes the time to sit down with their client and offer such a personalized approach and service. Tyler definitely delivered an experience that went above and beyond. We would absolutely recommend the HomeTown Law team. Thank you for a great experience. “
FAQs about Will Lawyers

The average cost of hiring a lawyer is around $2,100.  However, this figure can vary significantly depending on the lawyer’s experience and location. In general, lawyers in larger cities will charge more than those located in smaller towns or rural areas.

If you are thinking about making a will, or if you have already made a will, it is important to contact an attorney. There are some things you should know before calling your lawyer;  you have questions about the legal process of making a will, you do not understand any part of the will or how it works and you want to make changes to the will.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a will lawyer. First, the lawyer should be experienced in wills and estate planning. Second, the lawyer should have a good working relationship with the probate court. Lastly, the lawyer should be licensed and accredited by the state bar association. 

A will lawyer can provide a range of services, including drafting and reviewing wills, representing the estate in probate proceedings, helping to make decisions about estate planning, and more. A will lawyer can also provide advice on estate taxes and other legal matters related to estates.


If you are looking for a will lawyer in Hamilton, the four we have listed here should be at the top of your list. They have each been vetted and come highly recommended by their clients. Each one offers a unique set of services and pricing, so be sure to do your research before making a decision. We hope that this article has been helpful and that you find the right will lawyer to fit your needs.