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The 8 Best Vegan Restaurants in Hamilton [2024]

In Hamilton, there are a number of vegan-friendly restaurants that will appeal to those looking for healthier options. Whether you’re vegan or not, these six restaurants offer tasty and satisfying meals that everyone will enjoy. 

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From casual diners to fine dining establishments, Hamilton has something for everyone who’s looking for plant-based eats.

1) The Hearty Hooligan

The Hearty Hooligan is a woman-owned restaurant that strives for equality and justice in the food they serve. The team makes all of their recipes from scratch, using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. The ultimate vegan stoner food has been created at this restaurant. 

With a menu that features everything from sandwiches and pizza to burritos, there’s always something new on the table for everyone who visits! They have a variety of mouthwatering food, including сhichen сaesar wrap and nacho burrito. There’s also poutine for those who love Canadian cuisine! 

They even offer beef & chicken taquitos to get your taste buds going in all kinds of interesting ways. They always ask if you need anything, even when it’s just for a glass of water. The food hits that junk food spot in your soul like no other plant-based restaurant does – they really know how to satisfy your taste buds plus the prices fit any budget without breaking your wallet.

Business Information:
Address:292 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z9, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Delicious vegan food! My husband and I are not vegan but you can’t even tell it’s not real meat. We love their Crunchwrap and the Pizza Pockets (pepperoni and cheese is the best!).I’ve had the Mac and cheese burrito but it might be better without the tortilla.The staff is always so welcoming and friendly.My vegan friends always stop by when they are visiting 🙂 “

2) Sweet Beets

Sweet Beets are all about making your taste buds sing! They offer a wide range of dishes to suit any appetite from sweet beet salad to veggie wrap and some favorites like the classic poutine and BBQ jackfruit pizza. They also have ice cream for those who don’t want their meal too heavy yet still enjoy something refreshing after dinner – their menu changes daily so you can always find something new!  

They’re committed to using natural and local ingredients for their food. They also don’t use any deep fryers and microwaves for the food they serve up here  – everything is made from scratch by their culinary experts with real human compassion in every bite. The food at this restaurant is good, fresh and they have big portions.

 Plus you don’t get that heavy feeling in your stomach from eating burgers or pizza like you would with other restaurants because their menu has more healthy options for people who want to stay fit but still enjoy tasty meals on occasion too!

Business Information:
Address:295 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z8, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Loved the chilli so much 4 days ago, I got 2 this week. Get this- Vegan Calzone! Perfect ratios inside plus dipping sauce! The crust is amazingly fresh, obviously made in house. These guys make sure everything is perfectly made. It’s going to be my weekly (biweekly?🤭) treat! “
- Letissia

3) Sookham Restaurant

Sookham is a place where you can enjoy the healing power of food. They offer dishes based on principles found in Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system which focuses heavily upon how these factors affect your health. Their menu is a delicious mix of Indian and Western food. Their samosa and pakora & chips will immerse you in the tastes from India while their quesadilla brings together flavors from both sides! 

They also serve up family-sized burritos or tacos for those looking to take something easy on hand without sacrificing taste. The food here is fresh, delicious and actually tastes like the flavor profile that it’s supposed to have. They make all their dishes vegan so you can eat them without feeling guilty or anxious about what else might be in your meal – their goal is not just providing you a delicious meal but also one where sustainability comes first! 

The staff also has a great attitude – they’re always friendly when you stop by which makes dining at this restaurant an enjoyable experience overall so if you’re looking for a welcoming space to enjoy some mindful food, Sookham is a perfect place for this!

Business Information:
Address:29 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2V6, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I was extremely overwhelmed by the service in Sookham, I am grateful that I find this Best ever restaurant. Theme of Sookham amazed me.Lets talk about food now I ordered one samosa plate in which they have 2 big samosa with so so much filling along with ginger & tulsi tea.Next we ordered sweet potato fries and protein bowl with quinoa ,really i love the protein bowl with fresh and organic food. “

4) Little Asia

Little Asia is a haven for vegan cuisine, offering an extensive menu inspired by the vibrant flavors of Asia. Dive into their diverse offerings, from appetizers like Edamame and Veggie Tempura to enticing entrees like Thai Green Bean Basil Stir-Fry and Eggplant Thai Style.

Indulge your taste buds with their array of noodle dishes, including Veggie Pad Thai and Laksa Curried Noodles, or savor the comforting warmth of their soups like Hot and Sour Soup and Tom Yum Soup. For those craving bold flavors, their Hot Curry Specialties, such as Peanut Curry Veggie and Red Curry, are sure to satisfy.

Pair your meal with their selection of steamed rice options or enjoy a refreshing beverage like Jack-fruit Milkshake or freshly squeezed Juice. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a decadent dessert like Banana Fritters or Sweet and Sticky Rice with Mango. At Little Asia, they’re dedicated to crafting flavorful vegan dishes that transport you to the bustling streets of Asia, ensuring every bite is a culinary adventure.

Business Information:

Address: 36 King St East, Dundas, ON L9H 1B8, Canada
Phone: +1 289-238-8100

Customer Review Highlights:
“Perfect blend of south east asian cuisine. Every dish is a vegetarian delight, bursting with flavor and freshness. The cozy ambiance adds to the dining experience. Highly recommend! Tried - Basil Fried rice, Soy chicken pad thai, Golden curry, laksa curried noodles.”
“Great taste. My bowl is Laksa curry rice noodles. The soup was enriched with coconut cream which tastes luscious. In the middle, there is Mapo Tofu. He ordered Chu Chee Gung sticky rice with imitation shrimp. I also stole some of his food. All of them are so irresistible 👌. Will come again!”

5) Apllada Greek Food

Apllada Greek Food warmly invites you to embark on a journey through the vibrant flavors of Greece, where our menu boasts a delightful array of vegan options. Immerse yourself in the comforting warmth of our Spanakopita and Tiropita, or explore the bold flavors of our Meze “Sharable” selections like Bouyourdi and Melitzanosalata.

Indulge in our Hot Pot specialties, including the rustic Revithada (Chickpeas cooked in an earth-ware dish), for a hearty and satisfying meal. Alternatively, savor the aromatic delights of our Skepastes/Souvlaki On Pita, featuring enticing options such as Mushroom Skepasti.

Enhance your culinary adventure with a refreshing salad like the Horiatiki or Watermelon Salad, and treat yourself to our tantalizing Pizza Boat (Penirli) offerings, including the Veggie Penirli bursting with Mediterranean flavors.

Conclude your feast with a sweet indulgence, choosing from our selection of vegan desserts like Baklava, ensuring that every aspect of your dining experience is both delicious and cruelty-free. At Apllada Greek Food, we take pride in offering authentic Greek flavors that cater to the diverse preferences of our patrons.

Business Information:

Address: 635 King Street East Hamilton, ON L8N 1E5
Phone: (289) 440-0419

Customer Review Highlights:
“Absolutely love this place! I just found it a few months ago and is the best and most authentic Greek food I have had! I recently tried their Strawberry Greek Mojito which was recommended by the staff, and it was absolutely delicious. The food is excellent and I love the atmosphere, it's like having a slice of Greece right in the heart of our town, making every visit feel like a mini getaway to the Mediterranean. The owner and the staff provide amazing service and are always friendly and make you feel right at home! I would recommend this place to anyone who it's looking for a delicious, authentic Greek meal! Can't wait to go back!”
“A hidden gem. Had Moussaka and tried a few different apps with friends. Everything was really delicious and cooked just right. Sangria to drink was quite nice too. Generous portions but I managed to have a beigniet for dessert and it was satisfying without being too sweet.”


SYNONYM is a haven for wine lovers, pop-up restaurants and book readings. They offer a kitchen that specializes in local produce and meats, wine from all over the world as well as craft beers to pair with your meal or read some poetry after dinner! 

They have a wide variety of vegan food, like chicken shawarma breakfast wrap and classic scramble. They also offer caesar dressing or beet-cured gravlax as options for those who want something more adventurous! 

For those looking to fill up on baked goods even more – they’ve got tons upon tons exactly what you need at prices that won’t break the bank too easily either. Food here is fantastic and all vegetarian/mostly vegan plus the staff are super friendly too – you can’t go wrong dining at this restaurant any time of day or night so come visit them today!

Business Information:
Address:328 James St N, Hamilton, ON L8L 1H2, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ What a lovely place with a genuine "earthy" feel? Enjoyed breakfast at Synonym - the food, vibes, and service were just perfect! Tried the tahini latte, coconut coffee, wild mushroom toast and tahini brownies. I was impressed with their use of tahini in the coffee and the brownies; the taste was spot and I'd order it again and again!! Highly recommended.. “

7) Planted in Hamilton

Planted is a fresh, innovative restaurant that offers delicious plant-based food with gluten free options. They believe that food should be familiar and taste amazing. That’s why their mission is to prove it with inclusive recipes, so everyone can enjoy the same delicious flavors as their favorite dishes without feeling left out or judged for not knowing what they’re eating. 

The food at this restaurant is so good that you’ll want to eat here every day. Whether it’s nachos, pulled jackfruit sandwiches or plant-based mac and cheese they’re committed to making everything vegan, gluten free and awesome.

Their menu offers a variety of dishes to suit any appetite, from classic planted burgers and pesto pasta all the way down to Thai bowls and chili con queso. They also have an incredible bakery section where you can pick up some of their deliciously baked goods or enjoy them right there on site at one of the tables. 

The food is always fresh and people have been talking about how amazing it tastes since they first tried their dishes. Plus their staff are super friendly too. So if you’re looking for a delicious healthy meal and amazing customer service, there’s no better place than this spot in Hamilton!

Business Information:
Address:225 John St S Unit 1, Hamilton, ON L8N 2C7, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ We travel from Toronto for special meals here. Consistently amazing food, great portions (we always leave stuffed!) And very reasonable prices. Get day-old desserts for great prices! Friendly staff, nice place to dine in and safe for celiac! Family's favourite restaurant! “

8) Bring Me Some

Bring Me Some is the world’s first 100% vegan and cruelty-free restaurant in Hamilton. They offer a variety of foods that are sure to satisfy your appetite, including caesar salad and poutine. They also have burgers for those who want something more casual or chicken tendies if you’re looking for something healthy! 

The flavors are always rich, so it’s hard not to find what you’re craving here in one of their many options available on display. The different sauces they offer to dip your favorite foods in make it fun and exciting for any occasion, while also providing you with an option if spice isn’t what appeals most to you. 

You’ll never regret ordering from here – they have such a wide variety of dishes that you won’t be able to decide what’s finest between them all – plus their staff members always seem friendly enough while helping customers make informed decisions about which dish will suit them most at any given moment!

Business Information:
Address:Lower level of Hamilton Farmer’s Market, 35 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 3K1, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ SOO GOOD!! Buffalo sandwich tastes delicious, fried chickun is so big & crispy. 10/10 burger buns. I’ve never tasted anything like their Secret Sauce before and it’s amazing! We decided take out delivery last minute and by the time we looked they were 10 mins to close and they made our order perfectly, thank you! “
FAQs about Vegan Restaurants

There are many different types of vegan foods that can satisfy any palate. Some popular vegan dishes include: vegan buffalo chicken wraps, black bean brownies, portobello mushroom burgers, and vegan red velvet cake. There is something for everyone on a vegan diet.

There are many health benefits to being a vegan, and these benefits can be found in both plant-based and animal-based diets. Plant-based foods tend to be lower in calories and contain more antioxidants than animal-based foods. They also tend to be high in fiber, vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Vegans typically avoid foods that are processed or contain ingredients from animals. Some common vegan ingredients include: plant-based proteins such as legumes, nuts, seeds, and soy; plant-based oils; sweeteners such as maple syrup or agave nectar; fresh fruits and vegetables; and whole grains.

A common misconception about veganism is that it is an expensive diet. However, veganism can actually be quite affordable, especially if you focus on eating whole foods like grains, beans, vegetables, and fruit. 


Hamilton has a wide variety of vegan restaurants to choose from. Whether you are looking for Mexican food, Indian food, or pizza, there is a restaurant for you. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, there are always plenty of vegan-friendly options at regular restaurants as well. So why not give vegan food a try? You might be surprised at how delicious it is!