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The 4 Best Sleep Disorder Clinics in Hamilton [2024]

If you’re one of the many Hamilton residents who suffer from a sleeping disorder, you may be looking for a clinic that can help. Sleep disorders can be disruptive and frustrating, and they can affect your health in a number of ways. 

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Fortunately, there are a number of clinics in Hamilton that specialize in treating sleep disorders. Here are four of the best.

1) VitalAire Healthcare

VitalAire Hamilton Clinics team is dedicated to providing quality care in an environment that ensures patient comfort. They are committed to helping those with chronic respiratory problems find relief through home oxygen therapy or CPAP treatment. 

They work closely with  healthcare professionals in Hamilton to provide you the respiratory programs and services that are most appropriate for treating all of their patients.

To ensure they remain a recognized leader in the medical device industry, their products and services must meet high standards of quality. They are also committed to providing the highest quality care for their patients, which is why all of their processes and procedures have been accredited by Accreditation Canada.

They always go above and beyond to make sure your experience is positive. Their team has quick responses, which means you won’t have long wait times for questions or concerns that have been bothering you for a long time!

Business Information:
Address:1405 Upper Ottawa St, Hamilton, ON L8W 1N3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Great end-to-end experience. Needed replacement CPAP mask, phoned call center and ordered it. Within a few hours the local office called to let me know it was ready for pickup. I also needed a copy of my prescription which was at a different office. It was emailed same day. Friendly staff and prompt, professional service, could not ask for more. “

2) Storybook Sleep Consulting

Getting your child to sleep is hard enough without worrying about their environment. That’s why Storybook Sleep Consulting helps you put them into a happy and calm state before bedtime with their creative minds, so they can enjoy an “Happily Ever After” in dreamland – you can finally get the sleep your child needs without being afraid of sleepless nights! 

Their Sleep Sense™ Program is designed to help your child learn how they can sleep through the night. The program starts with baby’s first few nights sleeping alone, then moves on until all bedtime habits are established and healthy sleep patterns have been established for life.

They will come up with a personalized plan that is safe and effective for your children while also taking into account their age as well so it’s sure to be consistent quality time. They have a wide range of sleep packages to suit every need from prenatal and newborns, babies (4-18 months) and toddlers(2 -3 years old) to older children up until their teens – everyone will be provided with comfortable sleeping environments with qualified childcare professionals on call 24/7 if needed!

Business Information:
Address:28 Blackthorne Ave, Hamilton, ON L9A 4R8, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Thanks so much Emma for all the great tips you provided. My baby has been sleeping much longer and we are one happy family again. I can'tt thank you enough! You are amazing “

3) Complete CPAP Care

Complete CPAP Care is a company that was founded by experienced healthcare professionals to provide compassionate respiratory care to their patients with professionalism and personalized attention. They use state of the art equipment and technologies to provide their patients with oxygen therapy at home, so they can lead an independent life. 

Their registered professionals will set up oxygen for you on the day of discharge from hospital, review care plans with clients at regular intervals and according to their individual requirements – all in an effort to make sure that every client receives personalized attention.

They’re also committed to providing each client with a custom-made CPAP system that best fits their needs. Their team focuses on mask fitting and education so patients can use it properly, achieving their ultimate goal of compliance from every patient they serve. 

With their team of experts, they are able to provide a service that is tailored for each individual’s needs. Through communication and transparency with all parties involved in the process – from patients right down through doctors’ offices. They have cultivated an extensive network which ensures successful outcomes time after time.

Business Information:
Address:999 Upper Wentworth St, Hamilton, ON L9A 4X5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Lots of selection in terms of products. Staff were very knowledgeable and informative with regards to all of my questions and concerns. “

4) Hamilton Sleep Disorders Clinic

The Sleep Disorders Clinic has been offering a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for those suffering from insomnia, sleepwalker or nightmare episodes. These can be diagnosed through night time studies as well as daytime tests to determine what causes them in order to find an effective treatment plan that works best with your unique needs! 

The sleep disorders specialist will determine the best treatment for you, depending on what type of disorder is diagnosed during your study.They also provide treatment for sleep disordered breathing/apnea and circadian rhythm disturbances to help you get the rest your body needs. 

With them you’re guaranteed to receive top-notch sleep medicine care. All these doctors hold medical degrees as well as postgraduate specialties in Respirology or Psychiatry which is beyond what most other clinics offer. 

The Sleep Disorders Clinic understands the importance of creating a safe, welcoming environment for everyone. That’s why they are committed to ensuring their organization’s compliance with accessibility legislation by incorporating it into policies and procedures as well as training staff on how best to accommodate those who need assistance throughout their time here!

Business Information:
Address:55 Frid St, Hamilton, ON L8P 4M3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I had to do an overnight and daytime study here and the staff were SO WONDERFUL. They were incredibly patient with me (I struggled a lot with the evening study) and went above and beyond to make a tough experience as tolerable as possible. Both technicians were calming and it’s easy to see that they care about patient welfare - both physical and mental. Thank you!!! “
FAQs about Sleep Disorder

The cost of sleep disorder treatment can vary depending on the severity of the condition and the specific treatment plan chosen. However, on average the cost is between $1,000 to $2000 per year, sleep disorder treatment may involve medication, counseling, or therapy. In some cases, surgery may also be required.

Sleep is essential for overall health and well-being. It helps the body to restore itself, regulates hormone levels, and supports cognitive function. There are many benefits to getting enough sleep, including: improving mood, reducing stress levels, boosting energy levels, reducing inflammation, and improving overall physical health.

Sleep disorder clinics provide a variety of services, including sleep studies and treatment for sleep disorders. They may also offer advice on how to improve sleep habits and relationships. Sleep disorder clinics can be valuable resources for people who are struggling with sleep problems.

Experts generally recommend that people visit a sleep disorder clinic at least once a year to get checked for problems, receive treatment recommendations, and make any necessary changes to their sleep habits.


If you are struggling with a sleep disorder, it is important to seek help from a professional. There are several sleep disorder clinics in Hamilton that can help you get your life back on track. Don’t hesitate to call one of these clinics today for more information or to schedule an appointment.