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The 4 Best Maid Services in Hamilton [2024]

Hamilton’s bustling pace calls for maid services that not only promise cleanliness but also offer that precious commodity – time. We’ve scoured the city to find the top three maid services that deliver impeccable cleaning with a personal touch, ensuring you can come home to a serene space every single day.

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Why A Professional Clean Can Elevate Your Life

A tidy home is a happy home. Professional cleaning services do more than dust shelves; they create environments where relaxation is possible, and stress is swept away, just like the cobwebs. It’s about taking back your time and indulging in the moments that matter.

The Best Maid Services in Hamilton

1) Three Little Birds Home Cleaning

Our visit to a home serviced by Three Little Birds left us in awe of their meticulous care and natural touch. Their use of pet-friendly products and close attention to the tiniest of details is redefining cleanliness in Hamilton.

Business Information:

Phone: +19055385046
Address: 70 Hempstead Dr A, Hamilton, ON L8W 2E7, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“I contacted Three Little Birds for a big pre market cleaning project. Mandy, Jessica, Angie, Tiffiny and Sabrina were incredible. These ladies did an amazing job cleaning this challenging home. Their hard work and dedication was so evident in their finished work. I highly recommend Three Little Birds to anyone looking for a thorough clean. Thank you ladies for all your hard work.”
“The ladies were very kind, respectful of my home, and were very thorough.”

2) Cassandra’s Cleaning Company

Enter into a realm of spotless living spaces with Cassandra’s Cleaning Company. Cassandra and her dedicated team have earned an array of positive reviews for their exemplary service. Clients consistently praise the meticulous care and attention to detail that Cassandra and her team bring to every cleaning task. Their commitment to excellence has set a new standard for cleanliness in Hamilton, leaving homes refreshed and revitalized. Experience the difference with Cassandra’s Cleaning Company, where customer satisfaction is priority.

Business Information:

Address: Hamilton, CA
Phone: (905) 869-2155

Customer Review Highlights:
“Cassandra and her team truly exceeded my expectations. I decided to try their home cleaning services, and I was thoroughly impressed. Cassandra's attention to detail and organizational skills are remarkable. The well-trained team demonstrated professionalism and trustworthiness throughout the process. Cassandra effectively communicated and accommodated my specific requests with a calm and understanding approach. I am genuinely pleased with their service and look forward to continuing my partnership with their company. Highly recommended for anyone seeking reliable and thorough home cleaning.”
“Cassandra and her team did an excellent job cleaning my home! They were very professional and thorough and meticulously cleaned every room. They were also so lovely to talk to. They’re reasonably priced for the work they put in. I’d definitely recommend their services and will be booking them again for the next time I need my home cleaned.”

3) The Cleaning Room

The Cleaning Room’s reputation is built on the foundation of thoroughness. Their staff, as we learned from their glowing testimonials, are not just cleaners; they’re creators of spotless sanctuaries you’ll be eager to return to.

Business Information:

Phone: +19059210102

Customer Review Highlights:
“I booked a deep clean 3 hour service right before the move-in. Laura came right on-time and did an amazing job. Very professional, skilled and hardworking staff. Initally the kitchen appliances had quite a lot burnt buildup and Laura made them spotless and made them look like brand new. I highly recommend their wonderful service. Thank you Laura and The Cleaning Room!”
“Very impressive cleaning service! I felt very comfortable and loved how clean my house was afterwards, would highly recommend The Cleaning Room for future services.”


Perusing online comments, POSH is celebrated for transforming homes into havens. Each visit ensures that no nook is left untouched, and no dusty corner remains. They’re meticulous in pursuit of a pristine home.

Business Information:

Phone: +19055447674
Address: 503A Woodward Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 6N6, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“We used Posh at my previous place of business and now using them for both home and work. The staff are lovely and do a superb job. The business itself is responsive and wonderful to work with. Highly recommend.”
“The quality is worth the value. The home always looks and feels fresh, which is such a relief after a long day. The honesty and professionalism is next level. With each team there is consistency and there is never a worry about whether the next one will do as well since the training is in-depth with the staff and their cleaning skills. I highly recommend this company for any home cleaning needs.”
FAQs About Best Maid Services in Hamilton

Consider what’s important to you – natural products, detail-oriented service, pet friendliness – and read customer testimonials to make an informed choice.

Absolutely! These services offer flexible scheduling to fit even the busiest of lifestyles.

Yes, all three services highlighted here use pet-friendly cleaning products, so your furry friends can stay safe and happy.

They offer various packages, including deep cleaning options for those times when your home needs a little extra TLC.


Whether it’s the heartfelt touch of Three Little Birds Home Cleaning, The Cleaning Room’s comprehensive approach, or POSH’s detail-oriented mission, these services stand out for their commitment to excellence in Hamilton’s housekeeping scene. So breathe easily and relish in leisure – your home is in capable hands, leaving you free to enjoy life’s simpler pleasures.