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The 3 Best Jewellery Repair Shops in Hamilton [2024]

When treasured trinkets break or lose their luster, it’s heartening to have skilled hands restore them to their former glory. Hamilton’s best jewellery repair shops boast such artisans, and in finding them, we’ve uncovered a trio of places where metal and gemstone get a new lease on life. 

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Why Trusting Expert Jewellers with Your Valuables is Worth It

Entrusting your precious pieces to expert jewellers isn’t just about mending; it’s about preserving stories and legacies. These craftsmen combine finesse and technical know-how to repair and revive beloved jewels, thereby safeguarding your investments and memories associated with them.

The Best Jewellery Repair Shops In Hamilton

1) Gold Forever Jewellery

Gold Forever, a fixture in Hamilton for over 25 years, truly understands the value of both jewellery and customer happiness. Upon chatting with their loyal customers, it’s clear – this family-owned shop shines bright in customer service and skillful jewellery resurrection.

Business Information:

Phone: +19053884511
Address: 171 Mohawk Rd E, Hamilton, ON L9A 2H4, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Excellent repairs. The friendliest people I have ever met. I had an amazing experience. I will only go to them now truly honest people.”
“Excellent service! I was assisted immediately with a broken necklace clasp that was repaired in 5 minutes while I waited. Thank you so much!”

2) Finefix Jewellery & Watches

Our visit to Finefix revealed a world of meticulous and caring repair work. It’s no wonder local timepieces and jewels tick and shine just right after a Finefix service. They’re a testament to the notion that good things – and watches – come to those who wait.

Business Information:

Phone: +12896891563
Address: 237 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, ON L8H 5X4, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Finefix is a fantastic jewelry and watch repair shop. I brought here an expensive versace watch for a pretty complicated glass repair. Nomi repaired it quickly and for s great price. Great service I highly recommend Finefix.”
“Very professional, quick and fit in budget service. The owner is very friendly and always give best advise with anything I buy or repair. Best reliable shop in and around Hamilton.”

3) Rudix Jewellery

Reviews and personal accounts lead us to Rudix, where craftsmanship meets passion. Seeing the artisans at work, it wasn’t just jewellery receiving meticulous attention – it was the client’s needs and stories, each cherished and honored in each of Rudix’s restorations.

Business Information:

Phone: +19053183456
Address: 1595 Upper James St #3, Hamilton, ON L9B 0H7, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Fast and efficient service I lost a diamond from my engagement ring and they fixed it right up as well as rhodium plated and made all my rings like new took less than 3 weeks to have everything done faster than my rings have been fixed anywhere else! Thanks!”
“If you're looking for a great jeweller, you've found it. Soheil provided myself and my husband with an extremely professional service. Originally I came to Rudix Jewellery to have my engagment ring repaired and Soheil was very receptive and helpful. i loved the service so much, I brought my husband in for his ring resizing and my wedding band to be cleaned and wow, did they turn out good! We will definitely be returning for all jewellery related matters! Our new fave jeweller. Thank you for the amazing experience!”
FAQs About Best Jewellery Repair Shops in Hamilton

Yes, all of these shops have the expertise required to handle sensitively antique and heirloom jewellery repairs.

Indeed, alongside repairs, these shops excel in custom jewellery creation, bringing your unique visions to life.

The repair time can vary based on the complexity of the work but expect detailed and timely craftsmanship.

You certainly can. They offer appraisal services to value and insure your precious items accurately.


Embracing the true form of customer care, Gold Forever Jewellery, Finefix Jewellery & Watches, and Rudix Jewellery stand tall as Hamilton’s best jewellery repair destinations. Whether you’re safeguarding a memory, gifting a future heirloom, or simply ensuring your jewels reflect their inner shine, these top-tier shops weave expertise into every facet of their work. Step into any of these Hamilton havens for a repair experience that’s as precious as the pieces you entrust to them.