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The 11 Best Japanese Restaurants in Hamilton [2024]

Hamilton is home to some of the best Japanese restaurants in the country. Whether you’re craving sushi, ramen, or something else entirely, you’ll be able to find it here. 

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With so many great options to choose from, it can be tough to narrow things down. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our 10 favourite Japanese restaurants in Hamilton.

What Are Some Popular Japanese Dishes?

Before we get into our list of the best Japanese restaurants in Hamilton, let’s take a quick look at some of the most popular Japanese dishes. This way, you’ll know what to expect when you sit down to eat.

Some of the most common and beloved Japanese dishes include sushi, sashimi, tempura, and yakitori.

Sushi is probably the most well-known Japanese dish worldwide. It’s made with vinegared rice and typically includes fish, seafood, or vegetables. Sashimi, on the other hand, is simply thin slices of raw fish served without rice.

Tempura is a type of light batter fried dish that’s usually made with seafood or vegetables. Yakitori is grilled chicken skewers that are often served as an appetizer or snack.

Yakitori is grilled chicken skewers that are often served as an appetizer or snack.

Donburi is a rice bowl dish that’s typically topped with meat or fish, while ramen is a soup made with wheat noodles and various toppings.

For dessert, you can’t go wrong with mochi – a type of rice cake that’s often served with a sweet filling.

The Best Japanese Restaurants in Hamilton

These are just some of the most popular Japanese dishes – but of course, there are many more to choose from. So without further ado, here are our picks for the 10 best Japanese restaurants in Hamilton!

1) Sushi On Fennell

Japanese cuisine has been on the rise in recent years, and there’s no better place to enjoy it than Sushi On Fennell. Sushi On Fennell is an authentic Japanese restaurant that has been a staple of the Hamilton community since it first opened its doors. 

With an extensive menu full of bold flavors that will please any palate you have – whether traditional or adventurous – this restaurant offers something for everyone! 

Their menu is full of healthy and delicious options. Their miso soup will be a great starter for any guest, while the seaweed salad can make an excellent dish to share among two or more people who want something light yet flavor packed in their meal assortment! And if you’re looking for some fresh sushi, Sushi On Fennell is also the place to go. 

They have an amazing selection of rolls that will satisfy any appetite! Their menu is made up of various options including vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free foods. The portions are fantastic, quality is great as well–they regularly introduce new unique dishes into their menu periodically keeping things changing up constantly without ever getting old. 

The staff are also friendly – you always feel like they take care of your needs when ordering or waiting for your delivery!

Business Information:
Address:669 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton, ON L8V 1V3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ They are nice. The sushi and price is good.There are specialty Asian drinks available in store. The ambiance is nice while u wait, there’s cute decor.I like that they give u the option for them to try to package sushi together to save plastic. “
Pros & Cons:



Large menu

Inconsistent store hours

Also have great options if you’re not into raw fish


2) Red Maple Sushi

When you’re looking for a great dining experience, it’s hard to beat Red Maple Sushi. With an array of tantalizing dishes and drinks from around the world on their menu as well as warm hospitality in every bite–there really isn’t anything else like them around! 

Their menu is  diverse and exciting to scroll through, with a wide range of options for every palate. You can enjoy soups or salads including fried rice soup & ramen noodles in addition to delicious bento box and other rice dishes. 

They have sushi and sashimi with maki and hand rolls made fresh when ordered so each one tastes different than any other imaginable combination – everything to satisfy your taste! 

The prices of the food here are so affordable plus the staff are friendly too. They’re always happy to help when you need anything done quickly or if you just want advice on what’s good for your dish before it will be cooked!

Business Information:
Address:2732 Barton St E #7, Hamilton, ON L8E 4M6, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Wow!! Really delicious! All my rolls were beautiful looking and tasting. I loved the sesame balls, they have some of the best I've had to date. The portion size for stir fry dishes and such is large and the price is fair. I've never eaten in, but delivery was quick and the food came hot. Would recommend and would order again! “
Pros & Cons:



All-you-can-eat sushi

The quality of the food can sometimes be inconsistent

Affordable prices



3) Mystic Ramen

Since 2019, Mystic Ramen has been serving up the best in ramen to Hamiltonians who are looking for pure perfection from their favourite dish! From the moment you walk in, Mystic Ramen is all about making your experience perfect. 

They don’t just want to satisfy customers with their food – they also hope their clients come back again because of how much care goes into each dish and its unique flavors that only they can deliver! 

Their menu includes a variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate. Some notable options include the Tantanmen, which is a toasted sesame and chili Tare with minced pork & seasonal vegetables and Lemon Pickle Paitan or Tori Paitan – both choices are equally delicious! 

They also offer spicy miso soup for those looking for some spiciness relief at its finest degree.Together with their small team, the owners of this restaurant are committed to providing you amazing food and service every time – they use teamwork and attention to detail for an incredible end product.

Every single dish has rich flavors and their presentation will leave you speechless at how beautifully they are crafted – you can tell these people are passionate about what they do which makes for an incredible experience in itself!

Business Information:
Address:35 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 3K1, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Had the spicy miso ramen. It was very good. Pork belly was spot on. Excellent noodle quantity. Egg was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. Broth was rich. The only improvement I can suggest is that it was not actually all that spicy. Really good Ramen though. “
Pros & Cons:



Some of the best ramen in Hamilton

Limited operation hours

Great customer service


4) Kenzo Ramen Hamilton

Kenzo Ramen is a diverse and multinational restaurant, serving traditional Japanese ramens from different regions. They have modernized their menu with fusion dishes but still offer the old-fashioned favorites you know to love!

Kenzo Ramen is a place that stands out from other fast-food outlets because each dish has an individualized flavor. They offer basic ramen, hot ramen tonkotsu for those who enjoy their noodles with some spice. There’s also a vegetarian option if you’re looking to avoid meat this time around but still want something satisfying in your stomach. 

Their noodles are made fresh every day using premium ingredients. They’re designed to have just the right texture, complemented by their hearty broth for an experience that will leave you wanting more.

Their ramen broth is made from dried seafood, chicken and pork bone ingredients which takes over 24 hours to stew together for that rich taste you know so well. All of the sauces they use are homemade in house with a 3 month fermentation process before they’re bottled up.

The food tastes fresh and delicious, with prices that can’t be beat in this area either – perfect for any budget-friendly appetite out there wanting some great tasting dishes from Japan!

Business Information:
Address:21 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1A1, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Simply, delicious. Gyoza appetizer came to the table immediately, and the ramen wasn’t long after. Carefully crafted, simple recipes made for an incredible meal that I won’t soon forget. We will be back to Kenzo soon… “
Pros & Cons:



Noodles made fresh in-house

Closed on Sundays

Great selection of ramen


5) Ajio Sushi Korean & Japanese Restaurant

Ajio Sushi is an excellent place for you to try all the Japanese food you`ve been craving about! The restaurant has been around since 1996 when it first opened its doors to serve authentic Japanese cuisine made fresh daily by expert chefs who know their stuff inside out! 

They offer a variety of dishes that are sure to please any palate. From nabe udon and unagi roll to salmon teriyaki – you will find something for everyone. Their miso soup is rich and delicious, as well as their avocado salad with fresh vegetables plus you can also get some great Japanese steak and chicken donburi. 

When you get to the restaurant, the staff are very polite and greet you with great respect showing that they’re proud of their menu which has a lot of options for everyone’s tastes! The food tastes fresh, their portions are generous and they have a charming ambiance that makes you want to stay for hours so don’t hesitate and visit them now!

Business Information:
Address:161 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B1, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ A very nice cozy restaurant with good food and a very good service. Everyone in the restaurant was friendly and made sure we enjoyed our visit. We went there to celebrate my birthday and a surprise ice cream treat at the end was such a classy touch. Highly recommend! “
Pros & Cons:



Long operation hours 

Closed on Sundays

Great ambience


6) Spring Sushi

The true Japanese taste can be found at Spring Sushi. Located in the heart of Hamilton, Spring Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that offers an unforgettable dining experience. They have a variety of dishes to choose from, including miso soup and house dressing salad. 

Their menu features the popular taro chip, tempura shrimp roll and chicken teriyaki rolls. They also have a variety of steak options for those who want something more unique than what’s on most menus! And don’t forget about their grilled beef udon and deep fried spicy shrimp which are must-haves for any foodie who wants to indulge in some delicious Japanese cuisine.

The food here tastes so fresh and delicious thanks to their strict preparation methods which have been passed down for generations. They take care of every step along your journey, from sourcing their perfect soya sauce to delivering you that salmon sashimi in pristine condition – they want nothing but perfection for each and every customer! 

The staff are super fast and friendly plus the atmosphere couldn’t be better – it’s clean, simple yet elegant at the same time making you feel right at home while enjoying your meal!

Business Information:
Address:1508 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 1K3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Food is always amazing. Great customer service. They have my preferences saved in the computer and pops up each time I make a take out order which is greatly appreciated! The enoki mushrooms wrapped w steak, steak and garlic, taro chips and seafood fried rice are some of the best items! But we have tried the whole menu and everything is so amazing. Don't forget the bigger dish items like garlic shrimp!! Soo so good. “
Pros & Cons:




Gratuity charges

Open everyday 


7) Chef Martin’s Sushi House

If you are looking for a delicious meal that will make your taste buds happy, then Chef Martin’s Sushi House is the place to go! This Japanese restaurant offers fresh and quality food. The food at Chef Martin’s Sushi House is so good, it’s a must-try for anyone who lives in Hamilton and those who visit this city. 

Their menu offers a variety of salads and other dishes to choose from. The most popular options are the green salad, avocado salad and salmon tartar dish for those who like their fish fresh

Their menu is also full of Japanese favourites, like tuna sashimi and salmon sashimi. And don`t forget that they offer a wide variety of roles, including Philadelphia roll, crab lovers roll, rainbow roll and fish & chip roll – everything to satisfy your taste buds.

With a palette as vibrant and diverse in flavour combinations as theirs, the food is much more than just delicious. It has an artistic presentation that really makes it stand out from other restaurants’ dishes plus their staff is super friendly with great customer service that will make you feel at home no matter what!

Business Information:
Address:53 King St E, Stoney Creek, ON L8G 1J9, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ We just finished our sushi dinner - it was phenomenal! We ordered the 'Roll Set 7' and it was obvious the rolls were made using fresh, high quality ingredients. The restaurant itself is beautifully decorated and very clean. This is without a doubt our new go-to spot. The sunrise roll was to die for! Thank you so much to Chef Martin & all the staff, we can't wait to try everything you have to offer. This is exactly what was missing in the creek! “
Pros & Cons:



Affordable prices

Closed on Tuesdays

Large party trays for events


8) Joya Sushi

Joya Sushi is the best Japanese restaurant in Hamilton. With options for all tastes and preferences, you’re sure to find something that will satisfy your appetite! With a wide selection of classic rolls, many vegetarian options and several Korean dishes – they have everything you need! 

They offer beef, chicken or salmon teriyaki along with other Japanese dishes such as chicken udon and vegetable udon. Their commitment to quality and freshness is ingrained in every bite of sushi or sashimi they make. While their sashimi is perfect for any palate, they have customers that come back time and again because of its elevated taste. 

The staff at Joya Sushi make all of your favorite dishes with care and expertise, so you can enjoy them not only as food but also for their rich culture that comes along with every bite. They are also friendly and will go out of their way to make sure you have what’s best in town, even if it means taking extra time on each order so don’t hesitate and visit them today!

Business Information:
Address:1630 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1G3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I've been here many times and every time has been excellent! The staff is very kind and the sushi is amazing. This is one of our favourite places to go whenever in Hamilton. I've had sit-in dinners and take-out from here and quality is always great! I highly recommend checking Joya out. “
Pros & Cons:



Large portions

Prices are on the higher side

Great customer service


9) Hungry Ninja

Genuine, authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine awaits you at Hungry Ninja. Their food is so good it will make your mouth water just by looking at the pictures! With a wide selection of dishes and innovative fresh ingredients for every dish on the menu, there’s something here sure to satisfy any appetite – even those picky eaters in your family! 

They offer a variety of Japanese dishes, such as unagi, seaweed salad, shrimp tempura and a variety of noodles, including udon and yakisoba. They also have kitsune Naruto-style ramen in addition to their regular menu items like tanuki chicken. 

The food is fresh and well prepared, prices are very reasonable for the quality of cuisine you receive plus they also have excellent customer service that will leave you satisfied for a long time – what more could you ask for?

Business Information:
Address:368 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8P 1K2, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I have tried this place out three times, and every single time it's been a home run. Perfect amount of protein with perfect amount of rice. And to top it off, they usually have deals going every day of the week which are usually great value. Definitely worth checking it out and supporting. This spot is way better than other poke places in Hamilton. “
Pros & Cons:



Offer daily specials

Space is a bit small

Food are great for take out


10) Fishing Sushi

Fishing Sushi Restaurant is committed to providing its customers with high-quality, authentic Japanese cuisine. They take great pride in the fact that all of their dishes are created using only fresh and natural ingredients for an unforgettable experience you’ll want again soon enough! 

Their menu is filled with healthy options for the vegetarian palate, from miso soup and avocado salad to deep-fried scallops. They also offer some of the best speciality rolls, blowtorch and deep-fried rolls plus maki, sashimi and even some delicious pizza! 

They are passionate about what they do. That’s why their key to success is simple: provide exquisite meals, made out of only the finest and freshest ingredients that taste great every single time. The food here is fresh and delicious and the service can’t be beaten! 

They also offer online ordering for easy access to your favourite dishes or even those hard-to-decide items on their menu for you to try everything you want!

Business Information:
Address:542 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L8V 1A9, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Yummy! Sushi was delicious! They are actually really quick! They care about their customers! One bad review shouldn't change your mind on ordering from here. The wait times and how long someone waits has nothing to do with the food. Clearly this place is busy enough because people love coming back! The best! We ordered a large order and the food was done on time and was still very fresh. Try it! You won't regret it! “
Pros & Cons:



Food are always fresh

Doesn’t take credit cards

Quick service



11) Cozy Sushi

If you’re looking for a delicious sushi takeaway restaurant in Hamilton, Ontario, look no further than Cozy Sushi! This Japanese eatery offers fresh and tasty sushi dishes that are perfect for any occasion. From standard rolls to unique specialty items, Sushi-Go has something for everyone. Plus, their delivery service is top-notch – your food will arrive right at your doorsteps! If you’re in the area and want some amazing sushi without having to worry about cooking or cleaning up afterwards, then give Sushi-Go a try today!

Business Information:

Telephone: +19055285444
Address: 6 Bold St, Hamilton, ON L8P 1T2

Customer Review Highlights:
“Delicious fresh sushi stuff. Tiny takeout spot. They add in a couple little extra delicious things to try that we didn't order, ate em up before I could take a picture. Really nice people with great customer service. I would definitely recommend and order from them again.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Variety of options Takeout only
Generous portion
Fresh ingredients
FAQs About Japanese Food

Yes, you can eat sushi when you’re pregnant – just be sure to avoid raw fish.

Yes, Japanese food is generally very healthy. It’s typically made with fresh ingredients and doesn’t contain a lot of fat or salt.

Sushi is made with vinegared rice and typically includes fish, seafood, or vegetables. Sashimi, on the other hand, is simply thin slices of raw fish served without rice.

Wasabi is a type of green horseradish that’s often served with sushi. It can be very spicy, so use it sparingly!

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for some delicious Japanese cuisine, Hamilton has a great selection of restaurants to choose from. Whether you want sushi, ramen, or yakitori, these 10 spots will have something to satisfy your appetite. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next dining adventure and check out one of these amazing Japanese restaurants in Hamilton!