The 6 Best Indoor Playgrounds in Hamilton [2022]

The best indoor playgrounds in Hamilton are the place to go to when the weather outside is just too cold, hot, or rainy to enjoy some time at the park.

Hamilton’s indoor playgrounds are a great way to keep the kids entertained and active when they can’t be outside. And, let’s face it, sometimes parents need a break from the great outdoors, too.

Here we found the best indoor playgrounds in Hamilton based on their reviews, amenities, and location.

Whether you’re searching for a place to take your tot for some sensory play or looking for an indoor playground that will wear out your active preschooler, there’s an option on this list for you.

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What are the Different Types of Indoor Playgrounds?

There are all sorts of indoor playgrounds, from giant multi-level soft play structures to small sensory rooms. Just about any type of facility can be classified as an indoor playground as long as it’s specifically designed for children and their parents or caregivers to enjoy some unstructured playtime.

Multi-Level Soft Play Structures: These are the kind of indoor playgrounds that you’ll find at most fast food restaurants. They’re often made up of colourful plastic slides, tunnels, and Crawls with a few balls to throw around.

Small Sensory Rooms: These rooms are designed for babies and toddlers who are still developing their sense of touch, sight, and sound. They usually have a few soft toys, light-up objects, and sometimes even a water table.

Trampoline Parks: Trampoline parks are a type of indoor playground that’s becoming increasingly popular. They often have a wall-to-wall trampoline, a foam pit to jump into, and sometimes even a climbing wall.

Indoor Climbing Structures: Indoor climbing structures are great for kids who love to climb but may be too young or small to safely climb outdoors. They usually have different levels of difficulty so that kids of all ages and abilities can enjoy them.

These are just a few of the different types of indoor playgrounds that you’ll find in Hamilton. Of course, there are many more options available, so be sure to do some research to find the perfect one for your family.

The Best Indoor Playgrounds in Hamilton

Now that you know a little bit more about indoor playgrounds, let’s take a look at the best ones in Hamilton.

1) Jungle Hut Entertainment

The trampoline at Jungle Hut Entertainment is a unique feature that sets the store apart from other indoor playgrounds. It costs $13 for access to the trampoline and the rest of the playground, which seems fair given its benefits. There’s also a small kid zone with games, as well as some virtual swing/kick/throw games for $2 per game. 

These games are different from most play centres and make it fun for both children and adults alike. There is also food and drinks available, but nothing fancy – just what you’d expect from an indoor playground rather than a restaurant.

 In addition to all of this entertainment, there are plenty of tables where parents can sit down and have snacks without having to worry about their child running off or getting distracted by other activities. 

If you’re looking for an affordable place to host your child’s birthday party, Jungle Hut Entertainment should definitely be on your list!

Business Information:
(365) 323-5581
2289 Barton St E #8, Hamilton, ON L8E 2W8, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“We had our daughter’s 5th Birthday party at Jungle Hut entertainment yesterday. We all had a wonderful time! The staff is so friendly, accommodating, helpful! The party rooms are perfect! The kids all had a blast! If you’re looking for a reasonably priced place to host a child’s birthday party, please go here! They make it easy and fun! All of my daughters friends didn’t want to leave! We will definitely be regulars of Jungle Hut entertainment!”

2) Flying Squirrel Trampoline Park Hamilton

Flying Squirrel Sports is a true spring-loaded, urban playground like you’ve never seen before. It’s a spring-loaded, trampoline park that offers premier services in so many different forms – from slam dunking to aerial acrobatics and more! The facility has been designed with safety and cleanliness in mind. 

Every night an antimicrobial solution is used to clean everything throughout the entire complex. Whether you’re looking for some rest after jumping high into the air or just want to relax and watch people jump around below, Flying Squirrel Sports has something for everyone. 

In addition to its indoor activities, Flying Squirrel also features a cafe where visitors can enjoy free WiFi access as they take in all of the excitement going on outside. So whether it’s flying off cliffs or getting your adrenaline rush at one of their unique outdoor attractions – Flying Squirrel Sports will have you entertained all day long!

Business Information:
1550 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 1J5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Me daughter and I went and it was so much fun. We went during the week early so it was not busy which was great. The music was fun, the different trampolines and activities were fun A++ I’d say the floors definitely needed a little cleaning and more supervision for sone kids that had their socks off.’


Laser Mania is the world’s most advanced laser game entertainment system. The maze arena features multiple levels, ramps, and visible laser beams & it is jam-packed with adventure and fun! 

Laser tag is perfect for both small and large groups, suitable for ages five plus. the arena can host over 40 players and three teams can play at one time! Perfect for families, corporate, school and group outings (group rates and packages available). 

The equipment is one-size-fits-all. Each player receives a phaser gun along with an identification vest that has their team name or ID on it. Each player also receives briefing material before playing which helps them to understand all of the rules of the game as well as the strategies involved. 

With Lazer Mania, you have everything you need to become part of this exciting activity – excitement galore awaits you in this real-life video game!

Business Information:      
865 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Came in tonight and was totally surprised by the uplifting and above positive attitude from the outstanding supervisor Brier, she was extremely helpful and polite and just went above and beyond to keep the place running smoothly and efficiently. I hope the owners pay her well for the amount of hustle and heart she has for her job. That woman is dedicated!! Very polite professional young woman, told her I’m returning to this establishment regularly because of her.”

4) Hamilton Indoor Go Karts

Hamilton Indoor Go Karts is the perfect place to celebrate a special event or celebrate with family and friends. It offers a wide range of karts for all ages, making it easy to find the perfect ride for your group. In addition, the track is electronically timed so that everyone can race close to each other in an exciting and fair race. 

Group rates are available (you should book 24 hr in advance), which makes Hamilton Indoor Go Karts an ideal choice for large gatherings. With exclusive track timing specifically designed just for groups, you’ll have a great time while ensuring that everyone gets their chance to enjoy this popular Ontario attraction!

Business Information:
193 Cavell Ave, Hamilton, ON L8L 8C9, Canada  

Customer Review Highlights:
“One of the best indoor go kart places I’ve ever been to! Great service, staff was talkative, helpful, and respectful. Track is smooth and the karts seemed to run pretty well. Posted the fastest time this week, and I will definitely be back! Great first time experience with a great, calm environment.”

5) The Crux Escape Room Inc.

At The Crux Escape Room Inc., players are tasked with working together to overcome a number of challenges in order to make it out alive. With different obstacles and riddles in each room, the team must use their collective problem-solving skills to find clues and eventually escape. 

In addition to providing a fun and unique team-building experience, The Crux also offers a variety of amenities, including food options and a team-building seminar. As a result, their program is the perfect way to help groups bond and build communication skills.

Business Information:
 847 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9A 3A3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“First time going to an escape room and honestly I’m glad this was my first go! We did the meddling kids. It was perfect.. and the guy was amazingly very welcoming for being beginners. 5 stars all around customer service for playing the game!”
“amazing escape room and amazing service. we did the pharaoh one, and our gamemaster gave us unlimited hints! the puzzles were so clever and interesting. there was one puzzle we solved that opened a door behind the bookcase to a new room! even once our time ran out, he gave us extra time because we were the only ones there. definitely coming here again, great idea for groups of friends or families. 10/10 would recommend.”

6) Rubix Studios Escape Rooms

At Rubix Studios, their escape rooms are designed for intense participation from the group trying to escape. It is perfect for a team-building experience! In addition, their Birthday Experience is designed specifically for children under the age of 11. This allows them to enjoy an interactive and exciting adventure with their parents or guardians while still having some independence in solving puzzles on their own. 

Whether you’re looking to bond with your friends over a thrilling challenge or simply want some laughs on an otherwise stressful day, Rubix Studios Escape Rooms offers the perfect solution! 

With four different rooms to choose from, ranging in difficulty from beginner to advanced, there’s sure to be an escape room that’s just right for you. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try booking two rooms and see if you can escape from both!

Business Information:
 1119 Fennell Ave E Unit 101, Hamilton, ON L8T 1S2, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Absolutely amazing experience. The staff were super helpful and very professional. This was our second visit to Crimson Codes, and each time the experience keeps getting better. Highly recommend visiting this escape room. Fantastic rooms, engaging puzzles. The rooms look and feel so real. I would give ten stars if I could. Can't wait for their kidnapped room to be built this fall.”
FAQs About Indoor Playgrounds
There is no definitive answer to this question since all children develop at different rates. However, most indoor playgrounds are designed for kids aged 2-12. That being said, some playgrounds may be more suitable for certain age groups than others.
Most indoor playgrounds require that parents and caregivers wear socks in order to enter. As for the kids, they can usually just wear comfortable clothes that they can move around in easily.
It’s always a good idea to bring along a water bottle and a snack for your child in case they get hungry while they’re playing. You may also want to bring along a change of clothes in case they get wet or dirty.
Yes, most indoor playgrounds will require you to sign a waiver before your child can play. This is for your child’s safety as well as the safety of other children who are using the playground.
Final Thoughts
Indoor playgrounds are a great way to keep kids entertained and active, especially on days when they can’t be outside. With so many different types of indoor playgrounds available, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for your family. Just be sure to do some research beforehand so that you know what to expect.