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The 4 Best Financial Planners in Hamilton [2024]

Hamilton is home to some of the best financial planners in Ontario. These planners offer a variety of services, including financial planning, investment management, estate planning, and retirement planning. And for more professional service guides by us, be sure to check out:

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They can help you achieve your financial goals and protect your assets. If you’re looking for a planner in Hamilton, consider hiring one of the listed professionals.

1) JKR Financial Group

JKR Financial Group is a well-established company with many solutions to your financial needs. There are many things that make them different and one of them is the ability to look at things outside traditional boxes. With the rise in technology, currency and education trends they’re researching what it means for your investments.

 To help you create a plan that is unique to your needs, they use the mind mapping technique. This process allows them to communicate how life insurance, illness insurance and mutual funds fit into your overall financial situation so it can be tailored accordingly for maximum benefits while still being affordable with all of its features in one package! 

They’re here so their clients can make informed decisions about their investments moving forward into the future of technology-driven markets. They are professionals who have the knowledge to get you where you want to be. Their caring and attentive demeanor is one of the many things that makes them so great at what they do. 

They’ll work with their clients one-on-one, providing them not only accountability but also support along their journey so they can reach their goals too!

Business Information:
Address:76 Walnut St S, Hamilton, ON L8N 2L3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ I’ve known JKR for 8 years and love their approach to investing for business owners.They also make all the paperwork related to investing so very easy!I recommend them all the time. “

2) Canfin Financial Group

Canfin Financial Group is a financial services company that offers comprehensive and integrated wealth management to businesses as well as their employees, professionals or individuals. Their business’ 360-degree perspective ensures that success in one area does not conflict with another. 

They offer Preferred Planning Method and Virtual Sage™ Online Meeting which allows you to meet with advisors in real time via video conferencing for more personalized advice about your finances. They also offer investment management that can help you put aside money with confidence! 

They have a holistic approach to wealth management because the creation, distribution and preservation of assets require an integrated set of solutions that can’t be found anywhere else. 

To help you achieve your goals, they will only associate with financial planners, advisors and other professionals and service providers who are committed to lifelong learning and professional development. They work with their clients in order for them not only to meet their short-term goals but also long term ones as well so call them now if this is something you`ve been looking for!

Business Information:
Address:616 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L8V 1B5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Five Stars!”
- Emil Matacz

3) Safeguard Insurance and Financial Services Ltd.

Safeguard Insurance and Financial Services Ltd. is a company that strives to build relationships with their customers based on honesty. They want you not only as one of their many satisfied clients but also the one for the long-term future by providing quality service regardless what your needs may be at any given time or how short term they might seem! 

They offer a range of financial services to suit the needs and goals that people may have. Whether you are looking for advice on how best handle your money or want some help growing the business with their comprehensive packages – they can help!

They work closely and exclusively for some of the best companies around, ensuring you always have a choice when it comes to where they send their money or what risks are taken on behalf of them! 

They believe that everyone should have access to the best products and advice. That’s why they work hard to build relationships with their customers and create lasting partnerships for their success which they believe starts by providing them confidence in them as providers, so they can have total trust in what they do no matter how big or small the project is on hand!

Business Information:
Address:1522 Main St E #1, Hamilton, ON L8K 1E3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Gaston is down to earth and able to explain even the most complex situations in a way anyone can understand. Highly recommended for holistic financial planning! “

4) 4 Pillars Consulting Group

4 Pillars Consulting was founded in 2002 and has helped thousands of Canadians manage their debt since then. They offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, including consumer proposals and corporate restructuring.  If you’re in need of credit rebuilding they can help with that too. They’re proud to have become Canada’s largest firm, providing support for education on how best handle your credit issues so you can live a better life! 

They know how difficult it can be to manage your finances when you are overwhelmed with debt. That’s why their mission is helping Canadians find the most effective solutions for dealing financially and rebuilding credit balances in order to provide them with guidance on what they need, so that together you will create a brighter future! 

4 Pillars promises to never charge a debt advisory fee or any upfront fees. This way, those who need help can access the service without worry of being charged more than what they came in for.  

4 Pillars Consulting makes you feel like you are their only client. They are incredibly supportive, understanding and patient with all of your questions throughout the process so it feels comfortable from beginning to end!

Business Information:
Address:109 Herkimer St, Hamilton, ON L8P 2G8, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Jim was a huge help for me, and has given me some great tools to utilize while I work towards a better future. He is always there when I have questions and is prompt with his replies as well! I would recommend him and his services to anyone who could use it! He helped make a tough time a lot more manageable! “
FAQs about Financial Planners

The cost of hiring a financial planner can vary depending on the level of service required, geographic location, and experience of the planner. However, a ballpark estimate would be between $200 and $1,000 per hour.

Financial planners provide a wide range of services to help people manage their money and achieve their financial goals. These services can include helping people understand their finances, creating a financial plan, providing advice on investments, and helping people save for the future. 

There are many advantages to hiring a financial planner. One advantage is that a financial planner can help you make informed decisions about your finances and invest in the right products. They can also help you create a budget and track your spending. Finally, a financial planner can offer advice on estate planning and other important financial matters.

Financial planning is an important part of any individual’s life. When considering when to call your financial planner, it is important to consider several factors, including your budget, goals, and risk tolerance. It is always a good idea to speak with a few planners before making a decision.


If you are looking for a financial planner in Hamilton, these are the 4 best options. All of them have a lot of experience and knowledge, and they can help you create a financial plan that is tailored to your specific needs. So, if you are ready to get started on your financial future, these are the planners to talk to.