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The 3 Best CoolSculpting Clinics in Hamilton [2024]

Hamilton, known for its industrial heart, is also buzzing with premier cosmetic clinics specializing in cutting-edge procedures like CoolSculpting. If you’re looking to sculpt and redefine your body contours, we’ve got you covered with the top clinics in town. Dive in to discover where you can freeze away stubborn fat, comfortably and effectively!

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Why CoolSculpting is Your Go-To Body Contouring Solution

CoolSculpting is revolutionizing body contouring. It’s a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that targets and freezes fat cells, which are then naturally eliminated from the body. This procedure is ideal for those near their target weight but struggling with persistent fat areas. With no downtime, it’s a fantastic alternative to surgery for achieving a sleeker silhouette.

The Best CoolSculpting Clinics in Hamilton

1) Drs Skincare

Our visit to Drs Skincare revealed a clinic devoted to both science and compassion. Every CoolSculpting session is a blend of technical mastery and personalized care, all set in a clinic where modernity meets warmth. The clients we spoke with beamed with satisfaction, crediting their renewed confidence to the clinic’s talented team.

Business Information:

Phone: +19055241712
Address: 1662 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9B 1K5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Dr Shukla is excellent! He is thorough and takes time to explain and answer all questions. His nursing staff is kind and compassionate. His new clinic is modern and beautiful and his office staff is considerate and professional. Wonderful experience.”
“Dr Shukla combines the highest degree of competence and professionalism with an excellent patient rapport. I have referred lots of people to him thanks to my own experience.”

2) Skin Vitality Medical Clinic

Skin Vitality Medical Clinic impressed us not just with their state-of-the-art CoolSculpting treatments, but with an environment that exudes tranquility. Testimonials often highlight the attentive and professional nature of the staff, making every visit a rejuvenating experience in sculpting one’s desired physique.

Business Information:

Phone: +13657950096
Address: 25 Main St W Suite 101, Hamilton, ON L8P 1H1, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“I had such a great experience at this clinic! A wonderful and truthful consult and a quick, painless procedure! Will definitely be going back!”
“I had a wonderful experience at Skin Vitality, everyone from customer service at reception, on the phone or by text, are all amazing. RN Dawn has the magic touch, she is extremely knowledgeable, super friendly, was willing to answer all of my questions, and put my mind at ease. I recommend on to anyone looking into looking and feeling their best!”

3) Fourth Ave Aesthetics

Fourth Ave Aesthetics shines as a center of bespoke cosmetic care. Their detail-oriented approach to CoolSculpting ensures that each treatment is not just about fat reduction but about enhancing each client’s unique beauty. Social media is abound with their success stories, making them a top choice in the heart of Hamilton.

Business Information:

Phone: +12896749577
Address: 1800 Stone Church Rd E Unit 3, Stoney Creek, ON L8J 0K5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“Jacqueline and her team are absolutely amazing! They are pleasant and professional. They take the time to walk you through the entire process to ensure you are comfortable. Staff is very knowledgeable. From the moment you walk in the door you feel a warm welcome!”
“I love this place!! Recommended to a friend within 10 minutes of my service being completed. Super professional and WELCOMING — none of that ‘intimidation’ silliness that can sometimes be found in the beauty service industry. I loved the little extras included to help the healing process. You should go!”
FAQs About Best CoolSculpting Clinics in Hamilton

Expect a thorough assessment of your areas of concern, a realistic discussion of outcomes, and a custom treatment plan tailored to your goals.

The number of sessions varies, but many patients see noticeable results after one to two treatments.

CoolSculpting generally involves minimal discomfort. Some patients report cold sensations and mild tugging or pinching during the procedure.

Yes, one of CoolSculpting’s advantages is zero downtime, allowing patients to return to regular activities immediately.


Whether you seek precision with Drs Skincare, serenity at Skin Vitality Medical Clinic, or personalized artistry at Fourth Ave Aesthetics, Hamilton offers top-tier choices for your CoolSculpting needs. Each clinic shines with its unique approach in helping you achieve a body you’ll love.