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The 8 Best Computer Stores In Hamilton [2024]

Are you looking to buy a new computer or are you looking to beef up your existing setup? If you’re in the market for a new computer, you might be wondering where the best place to buy one is. Luckily, Hamilton has plenty of great options for computer stores.

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So, if you’re shopping for your new computer gadget, take some time and visit one of these computer shops today!

How We Chose The Best Computer Stores In Hamilton?

We picked the best computer stores in Hamilton based on their popularity and the diversity of services they provide, as well as to discover some additional features they provide for you!
  • Price: We included stores which provide some of the best prices in Hamilton.
  • Variety: We ensure that these computer stores offer you a variety of products including CPUs, cables, keyboards, motherboards and much more!
  • Service: We assure you that these stores offer exceptional services in repairing your devices which includes for both Mac and PC as soon as you need it.
  • Customer Reviews: We made sure that the customers had quality service, satisfied with their new or repaired devices, and if they highly recommend visiting.

The 8 Best Computer Stores in Hamilton

1. Memory Express Computers Hamilton

Memory Express has been the premier destination for computer products and services since 1996. Their mission is to create lifelong customer relationships by providing not only top-quality hardware but also excellent customer service.

From fully built PCs to custom-built systems, Memory Express has all the components you need to create your dream machine. Installation, training and transfer services are available as well- which will make it easy for you to purchase a new computer!

Their team of knowledgeable staff members will help you find the machine that meets your needs, all while staying within your price range.

Business Information:

Address: South Hamilton Square, 1550 Upper James St #16B, Hamilton, ON L9B 2L6
Phone: (905)-296-1122

Customer Review Highlights:
“Had an awesome experience getting a custom PC built here. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful and were quick to call me when the parts I was waiting on had arrived. The computer was built faster than I expected and looks and runs wonderfully. I highly recommend them!”
“My only computer store!! The customer service has to honestly be the best I’ve ever seen for any type of business! All the guys there are awesome! Dustin’s been a great help, along with all the other gentlemen! Thank you!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Service options: Curbside pickup & Delivery  Might run into issues with ordering online based on customer reviews, but please contact the store if for further concerns. 
Offers a broad range of products from computer hardware, systems, softwares, gaming, networking, cameras and more!
Offers tools and resources for system configuration.

2) Alliance Computers Inc.

Alliance Computers has been proudly serving the Hamilton community since 1988. They offer a full suite of products and services, ranging from desktop computers to cell phones and data transfer services.

They provide brand new and refurbished desktop and laptop computers, as well as a variety of laptops and notebooks. 

Their prices are competitive and they have excellent customer service. They have everything you need for your business, home or school.

Business Information:

Address: 211 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B6, Canada
Phone: (905)-522-8288

Customer Review Highlights:
“Very happy with the service I got at Alliance yesterday. My new go-to computer store!”
“These folks are consonant professionals. Lasting relationships with clients, forged with knowledgeable staff and reliable service. If you want to be taken care of, Alliance is your store.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Service options: In-store pick-up & Delivery Closed on weekends
Offers a variety of computer parts and can fix it!

3) C Computers Inc

C Computers has been around since 2005 and is a leading supplier of both new and used computers in the Hamilton area. They offer repair services for laptops and desktops, as well as computer components like motherboards, processors and hard drives.

They sell a broad range of products from PC laptops, speakers, tablets, printers, desktops, software, cables and many more! The prices of their computers ranges from $700 to $1299.99. 

If you need any help with your computer- from installation to troubleshooting, C Computers has the solution!

Business Information:

Address: 1660 Upper James St Unit # 2, Hamilton, ON L9B 1K5, Canada
Phone: (905)-296-2020

Customer Review Highlights:
“Highly recommend C Computers! With great service & being extremely knowledgeable, this Custom Build by Aly at C Computers will provide us with everything we need to bring our business to that next level for our clients. Truly an amazing product, and beautiful Pink Design that we love”.
“ I've been going to C Computers for 12+ years. I moved 8 years ago. to this day I still drive 1h+ each way because there is no one I trust more with my computers. I've purchased 3 and had 2 others custom-built by Ali never had an issue. Always prompt and expert service combined with fair pricing. Hands down best bang for your buck!!!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Service options: On-site services · No online appointments Closed on Sundays
Offers a variety of products and on sale
Great service and knowledgeable staff will give you tips.

4) Starspark Computer Inc

Starspark is a computer store that is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. They have a stellar reputation for being honest, fair and reliable- and you’ll know when you shop with them. The prices for computers can range from $700 to $3000 depending on the item.

Starspark offers both new and used computers to suit all of your needs. You can find anything from fully-built desktops and components to peripherals and accessories. They also offer installation and repair services, to ensure that you get the right fit for your machine!

For those who have purchased a product with an extended warranty, they will cover replacement costs until the original manufacturer’s deadline (such as shipping fee), after which you are responsible for any charges incurred during service reminders or repairs on your machine!

Business Information:

Address: 169 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1B3, Canada
Phone: (905)-522-7125

Customer Review Highlights:
“Hong is very helpful....they are honest and will try and help you no matter what. The technical performance is superb. They recently upgraded and transferred data from Windows 7 to 10 to perfection”
“Extremely dedicated and helpful! Went above and beyond to fix my computer problem.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Great service, fully stocked to repair or sell parts Closed on the weekends 

5) PC Repair Center

PC Repair Center is here to fix your Apple device problems! They specialize in the repair of Apple devices and all PC laptops. 

With their great prices combined with excellent service, and warranties – you won’t want anyone else but them for any repairs that you might need. The cost can range from $75 to $300 more or less depending on the severity. 

The types of services they provide includes diagnostics for hardware and softwares, liquid damage repairs, screen and glass replacements, data recovery, devices that won’t turn on, motherboard repairs, part upgrades or replacements and much more!

They go out of their way to help their clients when no one else could understand their situation due to it being so unique. Plus their prices are fair for the quality of work done on your device which is why you will keep coming back year after year.

Business Information:

Address: 1309 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1C5, Canada
Phone: (905)-777-9797

Customer Review Highlights:
“Came in needing a new screen on my MacBook. The owners were incredibly kind and took the time to explain everything to me in great detail. Was anticipating a 2-3 day wait, but it was fixed within 24 hours! Essential for me as my entire livelihood is online. Thank you both so much! You have my business. :)”
“I am so thankful to PC Repair! I have been looking everywhere for a good, reliable, and reasonably priced iMac. I stumbled upon this place by chance and I am so happy I did! Great prices, nice workers. They accidentally forgot to put my charge card in the bag but were kind enough to get a hold of me to come back, when I got there they gifted me a keyboard and mouse for my troubles. Skip out on the big department stores. You do not get kind service like this anymore. I am going to recommend this place to all my friends and family 🙂 Thank you again!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Great service where they can fix your broken devices and honest advice given. Closed on Sundays
Apple and PC Service available

6) Parvenu Computer Services Inc.

Parvenu Computer Services is a premier provider of new and refurbished computers in the Hamilton area. Their prices are affordable and their knowledgeable staff members can assist you with whatever your needs may be.

They provide networking services from consultations, cable wiring, hardware installation, integration, maintenance, firewalls, switches, routers, VPN, VOIP, anti-virus, remote access and many more!

They offer brand new desktops, laptops and notebooks as well as workstations that will meet all of your computing needs. They also offer on-site service, training, data transfer services and warranty extensions.

With over 22 years of experience in the industry, you can trust Parvenu Computer Services to give you the best value for your money!

Business Information:

Address: 317 King St E, Hamilton, ON L8N 1C1, Canada
Phone: (905)-667-0121

Customer Review Highlights:
“They are the best! Top-quality work very professionally, always there when u need them most.”
“I just love their work I mean it mean a lot to me I have a lot of issues with we camera or of the laptop so they fix it in no time and their service is excellent I love their service and I recommend all who having issues with their computer or laptops just go there”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Service options: Online appointments · On-site services Closed on the weekends
Free 15 minute telephone advice or support is offered based on technicians availability.
Offers a variety of services, products and special offers.

7) Tri-Star Computer

At Tri-Star, they’re all about making sure that you have the best service experience possible. Their goal is to provide customers with high-quality products and competitive pricing while still maintaining an excellent customer support structure! The price of their computers can range from $600 to $1000+.

They take pride in their ability not only to fix but also upgrade computers so they can last longer than ever before. They offer repairs for most brands as well as home site development services like networking and anti-virus protection (among others) backed by over 8 years’ worth of experience.

With fast delivery to Westdale District residents to  home entrepreneurs, it’s no wonder why they have been their reliable partner in tech support since 2008

Business Information:

Address:  901 King St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1K5, Canada
Phone: (905)-529-1811

Customer Review Highlights:
“Outstanding! He repaired my computer more quickly than I expected for less than I expected with less hassle l than expected.”
“Highly recommend Tri-Star, HIGHLY. The technician helped me with my Macbook's liquid damage in less than 3 hours. Everything is working great. So happy!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Service options: Curbside pickup Closed on Wednesdays and Sundays
Laptop repairments available for Apple devices and PC.
Offers a great selection of PC products

8) Ottawa Computech

Ottawa Computech is a comfortable and inviting store that offers not only high-quality computers but also superior customer service. They have been around since 2003, so they really know their stuff and can meet all of your needs.

They offer both notebooks and desktops as well as an assortment of computer components like motherboards, hard drives and memory. They also provide expert installation and repair services, to give you peace of mind when it comes to buying a new machine!

They offer a fair price and great sales ranging from $300 to $500+! The staff are professional and will provide quality service in repairing your devices!

Business Information:

Address: 1050 Upper Gage Ave, Hamilton, ON L8V 5B7, Canada
Phone: (905)-318-1664

Customer Review Highlights:
“Great place to fix computers. Very knowledgeable and time respecting place. Great prices as well, also a very great place to buy a used computer, no hidden fees, and no games”
“This is the ONLY place in Hamilton to get computers or to have them repaired. I have been dealing with them for 10 years. They are professional and have an amazing knowledge of computers. They do excellent work and are HONEST about what you need. If your computer requires work, don't go anywhere but to Ottawa Computech. They are the best!!!!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Offers a variety of products and many items on sale Closed on Sundays
Offers many services from upgrades, repairs for Mac or PC, data recovery, cell phone or tablet repair, game console repair, and virus or spam removals.
FAQs About Computer Stores
Yes- most computer stores that sell computers will also provide repairs and other services to ensure that your machine is in working order.
Typically, the warranty provided by a computer store will be for one year. However, this can vary based on the store and the individual manufacturer. It is important to read all of the fine print to make sure that you are getting exactly what you need.
Most people will have their own preferences but ultimately, both options are completely viable- it just depends on what your needs are! Chain stores typically offer limited customization and support while independent shops can be more expensive depending on the specific store.
There are pros and cons to both buying a computer online and buying it in person. One pro to buying online is that you can often find better deals, as vendors compete for your business. A con to buying online, however, is that you can’t always inspect the computer before you buy it, which may lead to problems down the road.

If you’re seeking to buy a new laptop or need repairs or upgrades, Hamilton boasts some of the greatest computer businesses. These stores can assist you in resolving any concerns as soon as possible, providing you advice at reasonable prices.

Check out these 8 computer shops listed as they all have proven track record of supplying clients with high-quality computers and customer service!