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The 4 Best Breweries in Hamilton [2024]

Breweries are a distinctly popular attraction in Hamilton. With dozens of breweries in the city, it can be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the four best breweries in Hamilton. And to grab a good bite before visiting one of these breweries, be sure to check out:

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Whether you’re a beer lover or not, these breweries are worth a visit. Trust us – you won’t regret it!

1) Grain & Grit Beer Co.

Grain & Grit Beer Co. is a family-run, community focused craft brewery in Hamilton that strives to make great tasting beers with sustainable practices and local ingredients! The owners of this company took some risks and invested heavily in order for their business idea to succeed. 

Now, they became one of the most successful breweries in Hamilton and inspire others to follow their dreams too! They offer a wide selection of beers, from English ale to hard seltzer. They also have delicious cocktails and non-alcoholic options like city seltzer. They sell beer to-go any time during their regular business hours or online for pickup and shipping within Ontario. 

They don’t have a kitchen at Grain & Grit, but they do offer chips by Covered Bridge in a variety of flavours and Jensen’s Cheese Curds too. So if you’re looking for the best beer, a spacious patio with great service and staff that are eager to help find your next brew – this may be just what’s missing from your day!

Business Information:
Address:11 Ewen Rd, Hamilton, ON L8S 3C3, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Great patio and service. It's cool that it's also dog friendly and I was able to take my dog and enjoy a pint. I love all their beers and often have new ones to try. “

2) Fairweather Brewing Company

Fairweather is a brewery that opened its doors in May 2017 in a revitalized warehouse in west Hamilton’s Ainslie Wood neighbourhood. They’re committed to brewing great beer, but they also want their drinkers’ experience with them to be memorable and filled with love for both parties involved – from the complexities of each style all along its journey until it reaches your glass on this very day! 

They have an extensive range of craft beers that are sure to please any beer drinker, with selections like American IPAs, sour ales and west coast IPA’s. They have a 60 seat patio and 10,000 square foot production facility which also doubles as an event space (in pre-pandemic times). 

They are committed to creating the best beer you won’t find anywhere. They’re open, they grow as needed and change when necessary; it’s all part of their journey toward making great tasting brews that put a smile on people’s faces. 

The environment at this bar is welcoming and the staff are always ready with a smile on their face. Plus, you can’t beat that delicious beer – so don’t hesitate to visit them today!

Business Information:
Address:5 Ofield Rd Unit #1, Hamilton, ON L8S 2M4, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Great mix of beers! My boyfriend likes IPAs while I like lighter crisp beers or sour beers. We both found things we enjoyed. My friend brought us here and we are happy he did. Also, their patio is now OPEN! They got the patio license hours before we got there and it was packed. It’s a beautiful patio. We will definitely be going back! “

3) Collective Arts Brewing

Collective Arts is a creative and community-minded company that strives to inspire those around them as well as help build an equitable world. Collective Arts creates beverages with a touch of artistry. The company merges the creative talents and inspiring creativity found in craft beer, wine & spirits to bring you one-of-a-kind drinks that are truly unique! 

They offer lagers, ales & porters, sours, IPAS, cider, and more – their taproom is open every day for in-store and curbside pickup. They believe that art should be for everyone, and as such their labels feature limited-edition works of art from around the globe. 

They make sure to showcase artists who are both well known in their field but also those whose work might not yet have been discovered by many people outside it – because there’s no wrong way at all artistic expression! 

The brewery’s huge murals and cozy patio make it a great place to enjoy some beers. There is also food available from their own in-house truck, which offers both light selections for those who prefer things that don’t weigh heavily on the stomachs or taste buds as well as delicious fried goodies – so don’t hesitate to visit them if this is something you`ve been looking for!

Business Information:
Address:207 Burlington St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 4H2, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Awesome retail section withe sweet merch! It goes without saying that both the alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks are amazing.So add to it all the staff is supper friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend! “

4) Clifford Brewing Company

Brad Clifford, brewer and founder of the Clifford Brewing Company began his career as an award winning home-brewer before venturing into commercial breweries with success. When Clifford Brewing opened their doors in Hamilton, they were welcomed with open arms by the local community. 

With years of experience under their belt as both entrepreneurs and craft beer producers – these days you can find them contract brewing for other companies all across Ontario! Their 10,000 sq./ft. production facility and taproom was officially opened in 2018. Along with the award-winning Clifford Porter and Pinball Wizard several new beers were put into regular circulation—many available only at this brewerie! 

They have a wide selection of beers, from the traditional lager and pale ale to more adventurous options like Imperial Stout or Hard Seltzer – this quality brew is available at their retail store in addition to LCBO and grocery stores across the province.

The atmosphere at this store is amazing. The staff are friendly and help you find some beers that would be excellent for your taste buds. There’s plenty of space inside to enjoy with an open concept lounge area too, which makes it even better so if you’re looking for a special beer with an authentic Ontario flavor, look no further than the Clifford Brewing! 

Business Information:
Address:398 Nash Rd N #1, Hamilton, ON L8H 7P5, Canada

Customer Review Highlights:
“ Clifford had been making great beer for awhile. Visiting the brewery is a new thing, maybe 3 times in past 8 months. Employees are great, beer always fresh and high quality. Cool location, getting ready for a patio was covid allows. “
FAQs about Breweries

Some breweries have more expensive beers while others have beers that are cheaper. The price of beer can vary depending on the brewery and the type of beer. The price of a 24 ounce bottle of beer can cost anywhere from $5 to $10.

Breweries provide a wide range of services, from recipe development and brewing to distribution and marketing. Some breweries even offer limited edition beers, unique take-out menus, and special events. Whatever your needs may be, there is likely a brewery out there that can help you meet them.

There are many different types of beers available at breweries, but some of the most popular are IPAs, stouts, and porters. Each beer has its own unique flavor and aroma, so it’s important to experiment and find ones that you like. Some breweries also offer flavored malt beverages, such as raspberry or chocolate.

Brewery events can vary greatly in terms of what type of event they are. Some breweries have beer dinners where you can enjoy a variety of their beers paired with a food item. Other breweries may have trivia nights where you can test your knowledge about their beers, or visit the brewery and get a behind-the-scenes look at how they make their beer. 


Hamilton is a great city for beer lovers. With so many breweries to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start. The four breweries listed above are a great place to start. They offer something for everyone, from traditional lagers to barrel-aged stouts. So if you’re looking for a great craft beer, these are the places to be.