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The 9 Best Barbershops in Hamilton [2024]

Who should a modern man’s best buddy be? It is undeniably a skilled barber. In Hamilton, there are various barber shops with talented barbers who can give you an amazing haircut that will make you feel confident and handsome.

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In this article we have compiled a list of 8 of the best barber shops in Hamilton so that you can easily find one near you. We hope you enjoy our selections!

How We Chose the Best Barbershops in Hamilton?

We picked the best barbershops in Hamilton based on their popularity and the diversity of services they provide, as well as to discover some additional features they provide for you!
  • Service: We made sure they have multiple services available from haircuts, beard shaving, trimmings, massages and many more!
  • Atmosphere: We ensure the barbershops have a fun positive environment with awesome music, cool wallpaper designs, very laid back vibes, old school feel and with lots of space. 
  • Sanitary & Organization: We ensure these barbershops follow covid-19 protocols and are clean with their tools with washing, sanitizing along with replacements. As well as having materials organized and a clean interior to relax and enjoy your experience. 
  • Customer Reviews: We made sure that the customers had great experiences at the barbershops, whether they were comfortable, friendly, and satisfied with their cut.

Best Barber Shops in Hamilton

Now that you know how to choose the best barber shops in Hamilton, it’s time to see what these awesome shops might have for you! Here are six best barbershops in Hamilton:

1. Brothers Barbershop

The Brothers Barbershop is the perfect place for men who want a stylish haircut and shave. Not to mention, they offer other services such as facials, massages, and more! Plus, it’s located in the heart of Hamilton – so you never have to worry about problems again. 

These professionals are experts at what they do and will help you look your absolute best for any occasion! Here you will find  professional service and quality workmanship from people who know how important it is in this day and age to look your best.

Business Information:

Address: 290 Ottawa St N, Hamilton, ON L8H 3Z9, Canada
Phone: (289)-775-3086

Customer Review Highlights:
““Best shop in the city. Good customer service, clean, and professional”
“The cuts and prices are good. They do great cuts for kids. They always have a number of Barbers which means that they are easily able to handle the surges of drop in traffic.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Professional hair artists can cut any trendy style you prefer.  Might have a longer wait time for walk-ins, we recommend calling and booking in advance a day ahead.
Clean and Sanitary 

2) Andiamo

Step into Andiamo, the ultimate destination for gentlemen seeking more than just a haircut, but an unparalleled grooming experience in Hamilton. With a team of master barbers who blend the art of traditional barbering with modern styles, Andiamo ensures every client leaves looking their finest and feeling refreshed.

From precision cuts to luxurious shaves and beard trims, Andiamo offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the grooming needs and preferences of every man. Not just a visit, but a ritual to look forward to, Andiamo Barbershop stands as a beacon of style and sophistication for those who value their appearance and seek the best in men’s grooming.

Business Information:

Address: 102 George St Hamilton, ON L8P 1E2
Phone: 905-524-2894

Customer Review Highlights:
“Great spot. Had my hair cut by Dre, fantastic job. Love the cut and it’s been one of the cleanest cuts I’ve had in a long time. Great staff, great location right in Hess village. And while your waiting you can grab a beer or coffee or cocktail at the bar. Cool and bright place, definitely my new spot.”
“My husband gets his haircut here, along with a few of my other great friends. The decor is cool and eccentric, the environment is friendly and inviting, the team here is great! Not to mention the incredible offerings of cannolis, espresso or even an alcoholic beverage while you wait or stay awhile!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Offers multiple services and trendy cuts! This place only accepts cash.

3) Vintage Barber Shop

Looking for a great barber who can give you a stylish haircut and shave? Look no further than Vintage Barber Shop! They have the best professionals on staff who will take care of your skin so that you’re looking sharp for any event , even if it’s next week. 

The services they offer includes haircut ($30), beard trim ($20), line up ($15), student haircut ($25), shave ($20), threading ($10), facial scrub ($15), waxing ($15). 

Plus, they offer call ahead services so you don’t have to worry about wasting time when you could be out enjoying yourself!

Business Information:

Address: 736 Upper James St, Hamilton, ON L9C 3A2, Canada
Phone: (905)-383-9031

Customer Review Highlights:
““Amazing barbershop vibe. Sal was an amazing barber all around super easy to talk to and does a great job.”
“Amazing experience. Was looking for a new barber for the past year or so and found one. I went in with a very basic idea of what I wanted, along with a line up. Beeladir was very knowledgeable, and skilled. He knew what I wanted at first glance. The team there is very personable and will keep you engaged. Highly recommend it if you are looking for a cost effective, high quality barber shop.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Offers multiple services and trendy cuts! This place only accepts cash.

4) Rani’s Barber Shop

Rani’s Barber Shop is the place to go for an impeccable shave and beard trimming. 

With their cleanliness, professionalism and quality of work you’ll be leaving this place happy!

The experienced professionals specialize in providing straight razor shaves, beard conditioner, shape up, buzz cut, beard-cutting, and moustache shaping, you’ll be sure to leave looking your best!

Not only do they provide top-quality services, but Rani’s Barber Shop is also proud to supply Hamilton gentlemen with their unrivalled quality products.

Only at Rani’s Barber shop will you feel welcomed by everyone – they know your name (and make sure it’s heard)!

Business Information:

Address: 525 Mohawk Rd E, Hamilton, ON L8V 2J5, Canada
Phone: (905)-318-1555

Customer Review Highlights:
“Rani and his team are the best. They are so professional and yet compassionate about each single customer. They follow your instructions with a lot of recommendations and suggestions provided to us so the result always turns out amazing. My two sons and I have been going there for around three years now and couldn’t be happier. Keep it up Rani!”
“Great place to get a haircut. Very professional and friendly. Best barbershop in Hamilton hands down!!!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Offers multiple services with skilled barbers. Closed on Sundays

5) Zeko's Barbershop

Zeko’s Barbershop is a traditional barbershop specializing in hair cuts for men and seniors. They also offer kid-friendly trims, hot towel shaves as well as threading services to keep your facial hairs looking their best! 

A regular hair cut like skin fade is ($30-$35), seniors and kids under 12 years old ($25), beard line up or trim ($20-$25). The price can vary with additional services from $20 to $60.

The team of professional barbers at this location will make sure you’re always satisfied with the quality service that they provide. Plus there are gift certificates available too.

Business Information:

Address: 786 Concession St, Hamilton, ON L8V 3R7, Canada
Phone: (905)-383-9356

Customer Review Highlights:
“Great place with an inviting atmosphere would be highly recommended. Top shelf service.”
“Great atmosphere, clean salon, the Barbers looked professional and the best haircut in a long time for my boys.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Multiple services offered and products Closed on Sundays


If you’re looking to take the best care of your hair and also get some rest, then Cancún Barber Shop is where you can get both. With its comfortable location in Hamilton, it is one of the best barbershops in the vicinity! 

They provide services such as beard trims, shaves, and new haircuts with hot towels, as well as a 1-minute massage with a top-of-the-line massage equipment that helps to relax your neck and back, beard balm, butter oil, and much more! The price ranges from $50 to $80 or less depending on the service chosen and time length.

The barbers here can style up your locks, they’ll even make sure everything looks perfect. Get a trim, a shave, or go for a whole new look. Whatever you choose to do with your hair, rest assured that this barbershop will leave you satisfied.

Business Information:

Address:668 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3A4, Canada
Phone: (647)-501-5489

Customer Review Highlights:
“Great experience! I really love the haircut and beard trim. Amazing service! Such attention to details, I’ve never seen at other places. I’m impressed!”
“Love the atmosphere great barber very meticulous and perfect attention to detail.Been here a few times with myself and my brother we both love the service and quality it’s worth even coming from Burlington to see Erik”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Open late hours if you’re in need for an emergency cut from 6am to 12am from Thursdays to Sundays and 10pm on Wednesdays Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays 
Multiple services offered

7) Crows Nest Barbershop

Crows Nest Barbershop has been an ever-evolving space since it first opened in 2010. They started with just one barber and eventually grew into two shops before opening three more locations! 

If you’re looking for a haircut it is priced ($35), a shave is ($55), beard trims ($35), seniors and kids aged 2 to 10 years old ($30). 

They’re proud to offer excellent customer service while maintaining that authentic feel you love so much about this place – all because people made this happen together through their support over the years. Visit this place today if you won’t be disappointed!

Business Information:

Address: 10 Edinburgh Ave, Hamilton, ON L8H 2C3, Canada
Phone: (289)-389-9000

Customer Review Highlights:
“Shame on me for not finding this place sooner. Super easy to book an appointment online. Shop is wicked clean with a super cool atmosphere. Tristan was professional and took a vague description of the cut I wanted and delivered in spades. Definitely found my forever barber shop.”
“Great shop with a cool vibe and friendly staff.! Chris gave me a spiffy cut. Highly recommended.”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
You can purchase a gift card online that can be redeemed in store for services and products at all of their locations. Wait time might take long
Multiple services offered! Some services may be limited due to Covid-19 protocols and procedures

8) Rako Barber Shop

Facebook/Rako Barbershop

Rako Barber Shop is the perfect place for contemporary men to go and hang out with their barber buddy. It has an opportune location on Hamilton’s main street, so you can easily find it without any trouble. 

Plus, the stylists at this barbershop are not just limited to cutting hair and shaving – they’re also able to prepare you before important events so that you look your best! 

They offer beard shaving, hair cuts and many more starting at $15 or more depending on duration

Visit this barbershop location to relax and feel great about your appearance!

Business Information:

Address: 1481 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 1E1, Canada
Phone: (905)-512-5824
Website :

Customer Review Highlights:
“Skilled Barbers who take their time and ensure you get exactly what you want at a fair price. I highly recommend their services.”
“Nice little barber shop. Called ahead and spoke with the gentleman prior, his politeness on the phone was enough for me to check them out. Went for a shave and came out feeling great as you should. Reasonably priced and calm/clean atmosphere. Will be back again..and soon!”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Multiple services available Service may be slow
Cleanliness and professionalism shown

9) Hendry's Barbershop

Looking for a great cut and shave? Look no more! Award-winning Hendry’s Barbershop offers men everything they need to get their hair looking good while also providing an enjoyable experience.

The services they offer include barber’s haircut ($33), hot towel shave ($31), beard ($15), military and senior haircut ($23) along with additional services combined will be from $40 to $50. 

With monthly comedy shows, you can come here without having any worries about what’s going on around town – just enjoy some drinks with friends or meet new ones along the way too. 

Plus, the staff are all experienced professionals who will make sure that your needs are taken care of in a timely manner so you don’t have to wait long periods of time before getting back out into the world.

Business Information:

Address: 661 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 3A3, Canada
Phone: (289)-389-9001

Customer Review Highlights:
““Great Location. Clean atmosphere, great music. And above all else they serve beer. Dre made me feel like a regular, even though it was first cut at this establishment.I’ll def be back.”
“I love coming here to get my haircuts. Dre is amazing! He always does an amazing job and my hair looks perfect and it's always a good time getting your cut with Dre! The other big benefit is where else are you going to be able to get your haircut and have a coffee or beer to go with it”
Pros & Cons:
Pros Cons
Multiple services offered  Closed on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Sundays
Even has a bar inside to enjoy their local craft beer, wine and others.
FAQs About Barbershops
The average cost is between $20 – $35 at a local neighbourhood shop. For premium quality barbershops it is $40 to $66. It varies depending on the services you choose with quality products.
For obvious reasons, do not make sudden moves while the barber is shaving or cutting your hair to prevent cuts, remove any jewellery or headphones, and arrive on time.
Some of the most popular haircuts include fade, undercut, slick back, comb over, curls and perms, man buns, clean shave, and buzz cut with line up.
Men should get a haircut every 2 or 3 weeks unless you prefer growing out your hair as it varies between individuals preferences.

The 8 best barber shops in Hamilton provide high-quality haircuts and grooming services for men of all ages. From traditional shaving to modern hair styling, these establishments have something to offer everyone looking for a great haircut. 

With experienced staff and affordable prices, the barber shops on this list are definitely worth checking out!